Friday, 12 June 2015

It's All About the Brows..

I think it's safe to say that after the invention of HD brows the way the world tackles brows has changed. We pluck, wax, thread, tint and trim them to perfection, all after the one thing - to make the hairs above our eyes a feature and look the best they possibly can.

There's only a mere few people that are blessed with perfect brows - for the rest of us it is a constant battle, and products we use can be a game changer in achieving the perfect brow.

Powders - these can deliver a soft defined brow and a great choice from anyone who's just starting in fill in their brows. You can easily fill in sparse gaps and build the colour up gradually while still making them appear natural and well groomed.
If you're not a red head you want to stay clear of any warm shades. These will make your brows look unnatural and get you noticed, but not in a good way. Look out for palettes that contain a goid mixture of cooler tones that will blend in naturally to your skin and hair colourings.
If you can't find a good match in a palette any matte eyeshadow will do.

Pencils - these are great to use if you want to create hair like strokes especially if you choose a pencil that has a fine tip (Anastasia Beverlly Hills, Eye of Horus* and Soap and Glory make really good ones), as this means the hairs are going to look more life like and natural. A waxy pencil will also tame hairs slightly and adhere to the skin more making them last longer and look neater.

Pomade/Gels (Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade) - these take a little more work when applying but what they lack in speed they make up for in lasting power. These are the the 'Daddy's' when it comes to structured well defined brows. The textures sit somewhere in between a mousse and a gel which stick to hairs and skin like glue, meaning your brows will always be 'on point' throughout the day and night.
The trick to using these and getting them to work for you is down to practise and the brush you use. You want the brush head to be slightly stiff with not too much give and with one that is narrow  so you can be more precise and accurate - perfect this and you can carve out your shape, fill in and even create individual hairs.

What's your favourite brow product and method?


  1. I love the Soap and Glory archery pencil and their DIY Brow Bar too! Really want to try the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade but not sure on what colour I should go for!
    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  2. I used to be a powder fan but since getting the laura mercier brow gel I much prefer it! I still want to try the Anastasia brow pomade!

    M xx The CSI Girls

  3. I got the soap and glory brow archery last week and I'm so impressed with it :)
    Love Holly x

  4. I don't use any of those *oops* and my brows are things I need to get sorted x

  5. I love your blog so much! It's just so well designed and your posts are so helpful and lovely! I hope mine can be as good as this one day......x

  6. I've tried so many products on my brows, they're already really dark but when I was younger I was silly and plucked in the all the wrong places and some now don't grow back. Typical it's the bits I want to grow that don't and the ones that I do want to be gone are the ones that grow like wildfire! I'll definitely be trying the anastasia beverley hills

  7. Have heard so much about the Archery pencil I really want to get it but I'm more of a powder girl!

    Love your blog, following on GFC & Bloglovin! Looking forward to seeing the next post! xx

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